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Resident Training - Research

Cardiac SurgeryIt is the belief of the faculty that resident involvement in research activity provides the necessary background and motivation for those interested in academic careers, but also fosters the development of a pattern of critical thinking that benefits physicians in academics or private practice. In addition, resident involvement in research better allows them later as physicians to effectively analyze the medical literature to optimize their patient care. The faculty of the Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery is thus dedicated to creating an environment of scholarly inquiry within which residents are able to develop and explore their scientific interests.

All residents are provided with protected research time, consisting of 1 month in the PGY - 2 year, and 3 months in the PGY - 3 year. By the end of the PGY - 2 year, each resident is required to make a presentation during Grand Rounds to all faculty and residents, outlining their plan for their primary research project. The presentation is to include the question to be answered, the background and significance, materials and methods, any preliminary results, and the plan and timeline for completion of the proposed project. Projects may be clinical, or laboratory, but must reflect a well-thought out research question or hypothesis, and be realistic in scope such that it may be completed within the framework of the residency program. All faculty are involved in clinical and/or basic science research. In addition, faculty affiliated with the department have laboratories active in the areas of olfactory anatomy and neurophysiology, genetic hearing loss, auditory and vestibular electrophysiology, and tumor microbiology.

In addition to the primary research project, residents are encouraged to become involved in a variety of clinical projects throughout their training. Funding for travel to national meetings for research presentations is provided.

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